Q: How long is shipping?
A: This depends by location. Usually within 5-15 business days, We ship all our packages via USP5 in the USA
unless we find a faster carrier within your city (such as FedEx and LaserShip). For Canada we ship via Canada
Post or UniUnil
Q: Can 1 connect my phone?
A: Yes, the HighPeak MiniProjector is manufactured to be used with iPhones and all iOS devices, as well as
Q: Can I connect my PS4/Xbox/Nintendo Switch?
A: Yes, the HighPeak MiniProjector can be connected to any console via HDMI or AV (even the Will)
O: Can I watch Netflix/YouTube?
A: Yes, when connected to your laptop or any other device, your HighPeak MiniProjector mirrors exactly
what's on the screen Without delan
O: How big is it?
A: The HighPeak MiniProjector is very small and compact and will easily fit in your bag
Q:Is the projector noisy?
A: No, the HighPeak MiniProjector is only 15 decibels loud, which is quieter than a whisper. With this
MiniProjector being under 100 dollars, you 'll always stay immersed in your movie or show, never bothered
by its sound
Q: Is there a risk of overheating?
A: No, you will never have to worry about your HighPeak MiniProjector overheating, as the it's advanced
cooling system will do the work for you, staying cool for hours.
O: Can 1 choose my color?
A: Yes, the HighPeak MiniProjector comes in different colors. Choose a black, blue, or yellow projector and
match it with your home decor.
Q: Is it easy to use?
A: Our HighPeak MiniProjector works with any device and it is very user-friendly and very easy to usel Simply
plug and connect your device, and you're ready to gol it can be operated with a single hand and comes with
a remote control.
Q: Does it have a speaker?
A: The HighPeak MiniProjector has a built-in speaker and you can also connect an external speaker or plug-in
your headphones.
O: Need more help?